Our Mission

To support and equip you emotionally with tools, best practices, and activities that will help you build your business empire while maintaining your mental and emotional health on equilibrium.

Here's How We Can Help You...

Every Thursday We Feature Inspiring Stories Of Female Entrepreneurs Where They Also Share Tips That Will Help You In Growing Your Business and publish pieces that allow you to get a jumpstart at scaling your business.
Empire Building
The Empire Building E-Book Series
We Produce this ebook Every Quarter and contains specific tips that will help you grow your business.
The Queens In Biz Podcast, hailed and ranked one of the top podcast in Entrepreneurship. It is your weekly dose of inspiration and will help you keep the fire burning.
This podcast is where you can be heard. It's a community owned podcast and you are free to apply and become one of its co-hosts. Managed by the production team.
The Elite Membership Circle is an invitation only QUEENdom for female business owners who are seeking a Tribe of women who will understand what she is going through in Life, Business, Relationships while supporting her business' need to grow their revenue and establish credibility through podcasting and publishing.
Meet Some Of The Queens
Hi I'm Melissa Profeta, Founder of the High Value and Financially Independent Women Network, a Fellow Entrepreneur with five businesses running, a Branding Coach to Influencers, Kpop and Samgyup lover. I've been in the world of entrepreneurship for over a decade. The thing is it's not always a winning season for me and it is the truth. There has been a couple of moments where I've felt like no one really understood me and that no one was ever listening. So I've finally created the High-Value and Financially Independent Women Network where the core mission is to support women like you, holistically. Not just about growing your business but also understanding you as a woman. Because let's face it. being a woman, a lover, a mother, a sister, a friend, a leader, a business owner - it's all hard if you are doing it all at once and you just want a support network who truly understands you and got you covered,
There are three more ways we can help you...

Our organization has created monthly exclusive experiences that help each Queen relax, release any stress, and simply connect with other Queens.

We have community exclusive growth projects where half of the revenue out of audience aggregation projects are shared within the network. Each member gets a vote if the incurred revenue is awarded to Queen, donated to a charity, or withdrawn.

You are helped to get more visibility and business growth support by giving you access to practical and experience-based resources, media assets, masterminds, and monthly group coaching sessions.

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